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Hemnefes Is On Another Mission! – Voice of Prep

Hemnefes Is On Another Mission!

5 students from Prep F (Ece Naz Gülen, Mina Cantemir, Ceyda Can, Sıla Güler and Ece Ertören) has been taking part in the Ahde Vefa competition which is organized by the Üsküdar Municipality as the group Hemnefes. The main purpose of the competition is to be aware and to protect our national morals by putting knowledge and awareness into work to become a better person for the future of our country.

Groups of 5 compete against each other in the competition. The groups have 5 stages which they have to pass in order to become finalists. At each stage, there is a mission given by the organizers (For instance: working in a cafe for 5 hours or visiting a landmark and getting information) and the competitors have to complete & make a video about their journey till the deadline that’s given to them. However, the more stage they pass the harder mission they get.

The group Hemnefes has already passed 2 stages and excited for more as they just finished their 3rd mission which was to visit the Süleymaniye Mosque, Basilica Cistern and the Hagia Sophia Mosque.

Here are the videos of the first two stages/missions they got.

Ece Ertören

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