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Our English Project – Voice of Prep

Our English Project

I along with my friends Hamza Efe Gürbüz, Murat Ali Kılıç and Mehmet Yiğit Onat visited the Emaar Aquarium for our English project. Later on, we presented our trip to our class as we described the animals we saw and tested our knowledge about animals by having a discussion in class.

Every day our world goes under massive changes that we are not aware of. The importance of the things we have right now such as fresh water, oil, natural gases, and coal is being underrated. Due to the climate change, global warming, depletion of resources or reserves and deforestation;  Mother Earth is being affected, the climate is being affected, agriculture and food sector is being affected, our lives and we are being affected. But so are animals.  We are running out countless natural resources as we’re running out of time. This causes billions of various animal species to lose their natural habitats, their only homes. However, if we can make each other aware of this issue and start today by changing our lives, it may be late but not too late.

Please enjoy the video I made as a short summary of our trip.


Ece Ertören

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