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Pandemic From Prep-D’s Eye – Voice of Prep

Pandemic From Prep-D’s Eye

As Prep-D, today we had a little conversation about the pandemic. Some students from our class shared their opinions about this situation by writing their opinions in Google Classroom. So let’s see some of them.

  • Emirhan Tongün :

Pandemic is a different notion for me because I have never seen that before and it sounds scary and you can’t see it you cant fight with this you can only be a part of this disorder. Day to day it is going bad and I am just sitting in my house and doing nothing I am just waiting, waiting for which part I am gonna be. I hope we will found the medicine because I missed playing basketball.                                                                                                                   


  • Beliz Koldaş :

I think this situation is so hard for everyone because like just stay at home and do nothing in the outside is so boring. I hope this situation will be and soon and we will move on our normal lives.                                                                                                                           


  • Miray Elönü :

Nowadays, we are having tough days because of the Coronavirus. This virus appeared in China and spread rapidly all over the world. We are in quarantine to prevent further spread of the virus. We have online classes. We aren’t going out. Everyone is in fear. I hope we will get through these days together.                                                                               


  • Alp Duran :

It doesn’t feel real until someone you love is infected. The situation we are in is so extraordinary. We are certainly witnessing a historical event. Although, we’ll get through it together and it will be over soon.                                                                                  


  • Ceyda Hacıfazlıoğlu :

I think corona virus was a necessary way of telling us the importance of cleaning. I hope, after this people will be more cleaner and become more sensitive to the environment.

Second Author: Orhan Beren Öztürk

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