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Pandemic through Our Students’ Eyes – Voice of Prep

Pandemic through Our Students’ Eyes

As Prep-F, under the leadership of our classroom teacher Şenel Gümrükçü We have had a discussion on the current situation of the world with our class. We have tried to tell our classmates what a pandemic is through our eyes and what we think about the current situation. We’ve also talked about how to struggle with the vapidity of self isolation. We’ve had very interesting and didactic results. Here are some examples:

Selin Akkaş:

Pandemic(adj):(of a disease) existing in almost all of an area or in almost of a group of people, animals or plants.

Pandemic(n): a dangerous disease that infects many people at one time.

Last week, World Health Organization announced the corona virus as a pandemic to the public. That means that’s a global disease right now. People all around the world is suffering due to the same virus. That virus spread all over the world and killed over 24.000 people so far. It’s been just 4 months since the virus started to spread but there are lots of deaths and cases. In our country, we have 75 loss and 3.629 cases. I hope this pandemic will end and we will be back to our normal lives.

Ege Abalı:

I think the situation is bad but humans dealed with so many diseases in our history. Also, we have a technology that we didn’t have before. So, it’s bad but we can deal with it.

Hüseyin Kaan Arslan:

If we take a look at the world history, we see that there has been lots of pandemics such as Black Death, Malaria and Ebola. In old times, people didn’t know how to fight diseases but today we all know how to prevent ourselves from being infected. Self isolation should be taken seriously by all the people. If you ask me, we will overcoome it as son as possible thanks to our new technologies we have developed in the present century.

Emir Mert Güldalı:

As you know, Coronavirus spread all around the world in a few months. We all started to fear of that virus but it’s nothing more than a virus. In the following years, it will be like the flu and we will have its vaccine so I don’t think there will be any problems.

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