Skills / Writing: Describe a Place


Istanbul; located in the North-West of Turkey, is the perfect destination for those who  want to see history with natural beauty.

Its rich history makes Istanbul different  from other cities. No city in the world has been the  capital city of three empires. You should see the ruins of the Eastern Romans, the architectural masterpieces of the Ottomans and the Genoese buildings in Galata.

It’s not just history that makes Istanbul unique. Istanbul is the only city that lies in two continents. And these two continents are linked beautifully thanks to the Bosphorous.

You can smell the sea while you look at the elegant summer pavillions on the both sides  of the straight.

If you want to go shopping you should definetely go to the Grand Bazaar which is the oldest closed shopping mall. You can find silk&cashmere and Turkish traditional things there. In addition there are lots of shops in Eminönü, Beyoğlu, Taksim, Nişantaşı and Galata.

Nightlife in Istanbul is very lively. There are lots of night clubs and bars which are very  popular among young people.

All in all, Istanbul is a city that must be seen once in a life time.

Written by Leo Selim Soikkeli
Photos taken by Leo Selim Soikkeli


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