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I’m Suffering Pain! – Voice of Prep

I’m Suffering Pain!

Dear living ones,

I love you more than I love anything in the universe. I have always sacrificed my all to provide you a good life with polar bears, penguins; lovely and shiny days. But now…

I’m suffering in pain!

My lovely lakes are dirty!

My pure rain is dirty!

My lovely shines are creepy!

I’m suffering PAIN!

Why do you do that humans? You kill it all! Not only I am suffering; bears, insects, bacterias, birds, lions, trees, lawns, fishes and YOU! You are suffering from pain.

Everything and everyone is suffering pain! Just because of your own wants!!!

You are killing and dying at the same time.

Everything is you, you can save us all we can’t help, we have ideas.

We don’t have a mouth to show but we have it all to show the reality.

Don’t let us die, please!


İpek Solmaz Prep-F