A Letter From Mother Earth

My fellow humans,

I have offered you various opportunities by being your home for centuries. Even though you were glad to have me, you kept on cutting and killing my lovely trees which gave you oxygen, you kept on throwing waste and rubbish in my endless oceans which were the source of your water, you kept on polluting my air which refreshed you with its scent.

Now, look at what you have turned me into. Look around you. Look at me. You are the cause my animals extinct, you are the cause m crops are damaged. You and your misuse of my sources which I gave you to look after for has messed up my seasons, my temperature and me.

You only think about further actions with the same bad ideas that got you into this mess.

Little do you know is that when my plants and animals suffer, I suffer. And when I suffer, you too will suffer.

You are killing your own children as you kill me.

So look around you. Be aware. Take action.

It may be too late to stop it, but it’s never too late to make a difference.


Mother Earth.