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Pertevniyal Camp For Debate

       In 27-28 October 2018, there was a debate camp in Pertevniyal High School and some of our students went to this camp. They met in Üsküdar and went to camp together. They learnt a lot of things. We are hoping this is very helpful for them.

Debate Lessons!

  Our debate lessons continues in full swing! We have lessons with Münazara Hitabet Derneği at 18.00-20.00 on every Friday. This week’s subject is, micro economy. The note for all the other schools’ new debaters; Our debaters are studying like a bee! 😉

HaydarpaşaDebate’19 Organization

As the organization team of the upcoming debate championship, we’ve been working hard on organizing a wonderful championship with the help of the Turkish debate team. We’re excited to be hosting such an amazing event and to be having lots of fun as we do so. We hope to see many wonderful debaters on the