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Voice of Prep – Page 2 – Voice of Haydarpaşa High School Preparatory Class

Weekly Schedule

Students are home for two weeks and it seems it will take some time to go back to school. So what to do? Here is a weekly program suggestion from prep teachers. Take Care…

A Letter From Mother Earth

My fellow humans, I have offered you various opportunities by being your home for centuries. Even though you were glad to have me, you kept on cutting and killing my lovely trees which gave you oxygen, you kept on throwing waste and rubbish in my endless oceans which were the source of your water, you

I’m Suffering Pain!

Dear living ones, I love you more than I love anything in the universe. I have always sacrificed my all to provide you a good life with polar bears, penguins; lovely and shiny days. But now… I’m suffering in pain! My lovely lakes are dirty! My pure rain is dirty! My lovely shines are creepy! I’m

Our English Project

I along with my friends Hamza Efe Gürbüz, Murat Ali Kılıç and Mehmet Yiğit Onat visited the Emaar Aquarium for our English project. Later on, we presented our trip to our class as we described the animals we saw and tested our knowledge about animals by having a discussion in class. Every day our world

Hemnefes Is On Another Mission!

5 students from Prep F (Ece Naz Gülen, Mina Cantemir, Ceyda Can, Sıla Güler and Ece Ertören) has been taking part in the Ahde Vefa competition which is organized by the Üsküdar Municipality as the group Hemnefes. The main purpose of the competition is to be aware and to protect our national morals by putting


We participated in the Galatasaray High School MUN conference as a delegation of six prep graders. Leo Selim Soikelli got the best delegate award, Ceren Altuntaş and İpek Solmaz both got Outstanding Awards.

PowerPoint Presentations – Prep/C

Our students from Prep/C: Elif Zorlu, Selin Suna Kaya and Rahmi Aybars Sezer made PowerPoint presentations that describe the holidays and festivals from all around the world. We had so much fun and we also learned so many informations about that festivals.


We went to an English play called ‘’Pygmalion’’ on December 5th in Kenter Theatre. The play was about a young woman who wants to get educated about her accent and make it look like she is a lady. We had so much fun and we also experienced so many things there. We went there with

A Poem Written for Atatürk ❤️

ONCE I went to see you once Eyes like the sky Hair like gold I want to see you once   I want to hear you once Your fearless voice Voice of your strong steps I went to hear you once   I want to feel you once Mercy under your scowl The heart which

The Theatre Play: Cibali Karakolu!

Haydarpaşa High School drama club, along with our teachers and our other friends went to “Cibali Karakolu” to watch it. After the play, we made an interview with veteran actor Zihni Göktay. If you’ll want atend the next activities, stay tuned!

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