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The Modern Graph Database Buyer's Guide

The Modern Graph Database Buyers Guide

Exploring Functional Depth in Graph Databases

This concise guide is a key resource for those on the path to selecting a graph database that best suits their distinctive needs, offering insights into the unique advantages and advanced features of a modern graph database.

Clarifying Evaluation Criteria

Graph database buyers want to evaluate diverse selection criteria, including developer productivity, scalability, availability, GraphML, as well as in-built geospatial and full-text search capabilities. This guide contains key questions to ask in evaluating the pros and cons of various vendor offerings.

Asking the Tough Questions

Peeling back the onion to separate fact from fiction, this Buyer's Guide will shed light on key functional areas of differentiation.  It provides valuable insights and critical considerations that will enable buyers to discern the differences and make informed decisions in their graph database selection process.

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