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Clients & Languages

ArangoDB provides a diverse array of drivers and interfaces that enable developers to connect to and manipulate ArangoDB from within compiled programs or using scripting languages of their choice.

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Official / Supported Drivers

Community Supported Drivers

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Advanced Driver Capabilities

ArangoDB's drivers provide consistent features, ease of use, and compatibility. This approach streamlines development, promotes cross-platform adoption, and ensures a more unified experience regardless of the programming language chosen.



All drivers support ArangoDB's multi-model capabilities, allowing seamless interaction with various data models in a unified manner.


Simplicity &

Drivers maintain a consistent interface across programming languages, promoting ease of use and reducing the learning curve for developers.

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& Performance

ArangoDB's drivers offer optimized communication protocols, enabling efficient data exchange between applications and the database.



The drivers empower developers to execute complex queries, leveraging ArangoDB's querying capabilities in different programming environments.



ArangoDB drivers enable transactional operations, ensuring data integrity and consistency across diverse applications.


& Cursor Handling

The drivers efficiently manage large result sets through cursor handling, enabling smooth processing of data streams.


Error Handling &

Consistent error handling mechanisms and detailed diagnostics provided by the drivers aid in troubleshooting and improving application robustness.


Community & Documentation

ArangoDB's vibrant community and comprehensive documentation enhance the drivers' usability and provide valuable resources for developers across languages.

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